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 We are a public company under the act concerning commercial companies of 10 August 1915, as amended the "Commercial Company Act 1915", organised as a securitisation company within the meaning of the act relating to securitisation of 22 March 2004, as amended the "Securitisation Act" registered in the Luxembourg Register of Commerce and companies under the company number B150048 in 21 December 2009.

what we do

 We are a platform for the issue of bearer bonds (issuing platform), offering professional market participants (clients such as asset managers) the opportunity to realise “securitised” concepts/products for their own investment or for their customers.
Bristol Capital S.A. combines the client’s specified assets in a new product and “securitises” them.
Our service offering includes an examination of the transaction partners and their regulation as well as a specific examination, graded according to the type of reference values or assets and their acquisition path.
Ongoing reviews are carried out with regard to legal requirements. 


 In line with our corporate strategy, we focus on two core topics. Firstly, we are pushing ahead with the development of tailor-made, innovative product solutions. Strict adherence to and further development of our quality standards is a central element in this process. Secondly, we are moving forward with digital change at the operational level, which benefits our customers in particular. We believe that digitisation also opens up numerous new opportunities for individual solutions. 

Lead Offering Panel

industrial debt


 We develop private debt solutions to restructure existing passive positions and promote sustainable industrial development plans 

real estate debt


We support and identify real estate development opportunities throughout Europe by entering (directly or with mezzanine instruments) in the starting capital

m&A financing


We develop financial structures, including short-term solutions, to facilitate corporate finance transactions



We act as a third guarantor, with ongoing issues for the guarantee of assets for commodity trading operations

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